Inside the Medical Mind of Dr. Deborah Hill

April 20, 2018
In her medical practice, Dr. Deborah Hill is a licensed and board certified doctor of chiropractic who operates in the state of California, especially Southern California. If there is one thing everyone should know about her, it is that she firmly believes the mind to be far more powerful than most people think. It is that belief that led her to develop the Shield Method. She wants people to take greater control of their lives, and the Shield Method shows that it’s possible for people to use their "super willpower" to overcome innate urges to do certain things that are not useful for a healthy life.

The Shield Method is the basis upon which she created the Shielders Company. If someone is eating more than they should, or if they are smoking and can’t quit, or they are engaging in any number of other behaviors that can lead to serious health problems and problems that reduce the quality of life, the Shielders Company and the Shielders Method can help them turn things around, so they can live a better life.

Right now, The Shielders Company operates in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but a move to a national stage is imminent. Once the Shielders Company is operating nationally, those who participated in previous clinical trials will be invited to repeat the entire final program for free, all because Dr. Deborah Hill believes in giving back and showing appreciation for what she receives from others. In fact, she is of the belief that giving back is one of the noblest things any successful person can do. She has spent more than three decades helping people get well, and Dr. Deborah Hill has no plans to stop now.